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The Black Brothers: Reviewing The Movie

The books we read and the media we consume in our childhood will leave a lasting impact on us because often the things that fascinated us then will continue to fascinate or draw us in later as adults as well. A common trend that we have seen in the movie industry is turning books into movie adaptations, and sometimes they do a great job like Harry Potter or The Hunger Games, and other times we have really bad adaptations like Twilight and so on. The Black Brothers (Die schwarzenBrüder) is an example of a book with an average movie adaptation. If you are interested in watching it for yourself, you can visit

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The story follows Giorgio, a poor farmer’s boy that was sold off to work as a chimney sweep from his village in Switzerland to Milan. The story follows his struggle working as a young chimney sweep along with the essentials of boyhood, so this includes adventure, forming a group (which became known as the black brothers), having fights with an opposing group, and so on. The actual story is a really beautiful one and touched the hearts of many, hence why the book became so famous around the world, to begin with.

When it comes to the movie, it is like we described above, an average job. It is clear that the writers tried their best to adhere to the original story, but some of the writing was still not up to par, and there were a few lackluster scenes. However, they did do a good job in capturing the essence of the book, so they were able to portray the story in a relatively accurate manner. So, if you want to see the book in the form of a movie, then watch it, but the experience will, unlike the actual book, still leave you wanting a little bit more.